InstaClick Smart Bluetooth Remote Shutter


System: iOS 5.0 | Android 4.2 above

Bluetooth: Ver 3.0
Frequency: 2.4Hz ~ 2.4835GHz
Distance: 15 meters
Operation: 20000 times
Battery life time at standby mode: 100 days
Measurement: 32.1×32.1×9.2mm
Weight: 7.0g



Product Description

The selfie is the in-thing! We have the selfie stick but that’s not all the accessories you can get to help you take better selfies. Taking pictures is fairly easy but a remote control shutter makes things a lot easier when taking selfies or just any other pictures. The INSTACLICK Smart Bluetooth Remote Shutter helps you do that. This coin sized Bluetooth remote control shutter that works with most mobile devices saves you the hassle of bringing a selfie stick especially into no-selfie-stick-areas such as airports and most amusement parks. So capture your moments with Instaclick!

Click of a button: Instant photo shoot via bluetooth for any iOS / Andriod devices with a single click of a button

Easy to Carry: Light weight and easy to carry during travelling

Hassle Free Charging: No charging problems, can operate upto 20,000 times

Long Lasting Battery Life: Battery life at standby mode upto 100 days

Easy to Carry: Tiny gadget can be easily carried in your pocket


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